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Zhuji Tongling Industry Co., Ltd.

Custom and Cheap Nylon Tube,Corrugated Tube,Formed Fuel Line,Convoluted Fuel Tubing,PVC Hose Supplier and Manufacturer.

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Company Profile
Zhuji Tongling Industry Co., Ltd. is a China manufacturer of an extensive range of specialist flexible hoses and tubing in PP, Polyurethane, and Nylon for many applications: Nylon Tubing for oil lines, petrol tank breather pipes, greasing sheaths, pneumatic controls, bleed lines, brake controls and lubrication lines.
and polyurethane tubing for pneumatic control systems.
Zhuji Tongling Industry Co,Ltd was established in 1994 and has developed an excellent reputation for quality and reliability. Especialy be accredited to ISO9001.
Subject to minimum order quantity, Tongling can manufacture their flexible hoses and tubing in non-standard sizes and colours, long lengths up to 500 metres on drums, cut lengths, plus printing to customer requirements.
So pls contact us if you interested any of our products,we are hoping to cooperated with you [Details]
Company: Zhuji Tongling Industry Co., Ltd.
Address: Diankou
Postcode: 311835
Telephone: 86-575-87660283
Fax: 86-575-87652767
Contact P: Kevin Chang (Miss.)
Mobile: 0086-15967595773