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Yantai Sunny Rubber Co., Ltd.

Custom and Cheap air inflatable rubber dam,spillway gates,Inflatable flexible membrane dams,conveyor belt,filter belt Supplier and Manufacturer.

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Welcome to Yantai sunny rubber Co,ltd,when you discovered us,means that you found: 1. The China largest inflatable air/water rubber dam manufacturer, 2. The China only one spillway gate producer 3.The China strongest research and development ability company in rubber dam field. 4. The exclusive belt supplier for world largest filtering machine manufacturer.

1955 -1987,we called East China Nuclear Geological Survey, mission was look for uranium mine and Gold mine for Nation and belong to Jiangxi province ministry of nuclear industry.
1988 -1992, we moved from Jiangxi province to Shangdong Province, still search for uranium mine and Gold mine for China, and belong to Shangdong Province ministry of nuclear industry.
1993 - 2002, Due to reform of state owned enterprise ,Country reduced the investment, most of ministry of nuclear industry staff lost the job and can not feed their family , for a living, all of staff raised money established Yantai Sunny rubber and Nuclear ... [Details]
Company: Yantai Sunny Rubber Co., Ltd.
Address: C Zone Economic Development Zone
Postcode: 265300
Telephone: 0086-535-3379612
Fax: 0086-535-3379976
Contact P: rain ceng (Miss.)
Mobile: 0086-18673546659