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Brief Introduction
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ALL SIZE PE Pipe Fitting HDPE Pipe Fitting ISO 4227 AS NZS4130 Standard 
Min. Order:
1 Piece
10000 Piece
Deliver within 20 days after payment.
2014-11-18 13:07
Product Details

Quick Details

Place of Origin: Shanghai China (Mainland) Brand Name: SHRH Model Number: HDPE158
Material: PE Specification: 20 to 2000 Length: Customize
Thickness: En2.3-57.2mm Standard: ISO 4427, AS/NZ 4130, DIN 8074 Advantage: ODM/OEM
Certificate: ISO9001, ISO14001,GMC color: black packaging: Determined by customer

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail: PE Pipe Fitting HDPE Pipe Fitting packaging demand by Customer.
Delivery Detail: 20GP 15~30 days after the deposit


HDPE PIPE PE Pipe Fitting For Water
4.Factory supply

PE Pipe Fitting HDPE Pipe Fitting For Water Features:

1.Non-toxic, health: PE pipe material non-toxic, tasteless, through the strict health monitoring ,it belongs to green building materials, never scaling, which can effectively improve the water quality.
2.Corrosion resistance: PE belongs to inert materials, can resistance to various chemical media.
3.Noleakage: PE pipe is connected by electric melting, its interface strength higher than tube itself .
4.High toughness: fracture extension rate of PE pipe, commonly more than 500%. .As to the uneven settlement of the base, its adaptive ability is very strong, good aseismic performance. pe pipe
5. (RCP) ability:Excellent resistance to quickly crack propagation.   hdpe phdpe pipe supplier

6.flexible and resistance to scratches ability.  hdpe pipe fitting dimensions

7.Good wear resistance, low wall friction coefficient, small flow resistance, excellent conveying ability. 8.convenient for construction.Can use a variety of trenchless ways. hdpe pipe and  fitting

9.Low system cost, less maintenance costs, can dramatically reduce the cost for the project.

10.Long service life: dark bury PE pipe normal uses more than 50 years. hdpe pipe and  fitting

11.material can be reused, complete with the concept of efficient environmental protection which our state advocates. 

PE Pipe Fitting HDPE Pipe Fitting For Water Application:

1.Urban tap water pipe network system Large diameter PE pipe, health non-toxic, not fouling, more suitable for urban water supply main conduit and buried tube, safety, hygiene, convenient

2.Replaceable cement tubes, iron pipe and steel tube Used for old nets renovation project, don’t need large area excavation, low cost, can be widely used in old town of pipe network reconstruction.

3.Industrial materials duct Chemical industry, chemical fiber, food, forestry, pharmacy, light industry and papermaking, metallurgical and other industrial raw material conveying pipe.
4.Landscaping water supply network Landscaping need lots of water pipe, PE pipe toughness and low cost, make it become the best choice.  hdpe pipe and  fittings

5.Sewage discharge pipes PE pipe have unique corrosion resistance, can be used in industrial wastewater, sewage discharged pipe,low costs and maintenance costs . hdpe pipe
6.Ore, mud transfers  PE pipe has high resistance to stress and wear resistance, can be widely applied in conveying ore, coal ash and river bait-casting mud. polyethylene tube

7. Agricultural irrigation pipe PE pipe inside sleek, great flow, cross road construction, good impact resistance, it is the ideal tool for agricultural irrigation. hdpe pipe and  fitting

HDPE(PE100 and PE80) Pipe Dimension :

ALL SIZE PE Pipe Fitting HDPE Pipe Fitting ISO 4227 AS NZS4130 Standard


More HDPE Pipe Fittings can be satisfied:

ALL SIZE PE Pipe Fitting HDPE Pipe Fitting ISO 4227 AS NZS4130 Standard

ALL SIZE PE Pipe Fitting HDPE Pipe Fitting ISO 4227 AS NZS4130 Standard

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