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Brief Introduction
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JZ waste rubber pyrolysis unit 
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2014-11-21 13:00
Product Details

Quick Details

Place of Origin: Henan China (Mainland) Brand Name: Jinzhen Model Number: JZC2-5R-004
Material of the reactor: Q245R boiler plate Size of the reactor (D*L): 2200*5000mm Structural form: Horizontal rotation
Operating pressure: Normal Raw materals: Waste Rubbers and natural rubbers Handling capacity in 24 hours: 5tons
Oil yield rate: 30%~50% Fuel: Coal, wood, LPG and other fuels Total weight: 29tons
Warranty period: 1 year

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail: Container or frame
Delivery Detail: 10 days


1.India, Pakistan, South Africa,Turkey,Vietnam
2.CE, ISO9001 certificate
3.Save fuel 20%
4.NO polution
5.Reliable ,durable

 JZ waste rubber pyrolysis unit


Feed the reactor with raw materials through the feeding door by labor or machine and then close it tightly. Heat the reactor with coal, wood or other fuels. Some harmful smoke will come out along with the heating, but it can be removed by the desulfurization deduster, the water film cyclone. The smoke form the exhaust disposal system is no different from the air. The draft fan helps to inhale the smoke from the pipe and then release it into the sky more quickly.

The oil gas will travel from the reactor to the gas separate, in which the heavy oil and impurities will depart from the gas due to the gravity. Then the gas will continue its journey into the depositing tank for a second separation. After that , the cleaned oil gas will run into the cooling condensing pipes in the cooling pool, where the gas will convert to liquid, the oil, and then flow into the oil tank for storage.

There will be some waste gas in the oil tank. It will follow the pipe over the oil tank into the cooling pool for a second condensing so that the remained oil gas could turn to oil to improve the oil yield rate. As for the waste gas, that cannot transform to liquid will go to the water seal and then to the furnace for burning. It is not only environment protection but also energy conservation.  



Condensing system

 JZ waste rubber pyrolysis unitJZ waste rubber pyrolysis unit

1,The "S" shape extends the condensing area, up to 37m2                  

2,The open pool makes natural cooling aviable, which is energy conservation and free of danger                                 

3,Cooling down quickly with the pipeline diameter of 219mm and length of 6m                                                

4,The elbows make it easier and convenient to clean and maintain                  

5,Just need to make up the vaporated water, it's water conservation                             

6,Condensing tower and other cooling equipments can be added based on the customers' requirements   








Pyrolysis system

  Automatic slagging system

It can take the carbon black out of the reactor automatically.

   4 kw / h

Cracking reactor

The raw materials are pyrolyzed in the reactor. It is 245R boiler steel.

   3 kw / h

Gas separate

The impurities will be deposited at the bottom of the gas separate.


Depositing tank

The second filter, so that the oil gas will be refined.


Cooling system

Cooling pool

The oil gas will be cooled down in the cooling pipes of the cooling pool.


Oil store system

Oil tank

It can store the crude oil.




Waste gas recycle  


  Waste gas recycle  system

1. It can recycle the waste gas to be the fuel of  heating reactor.

2. It can be used as a fire-resistant machine.


Spray gun

Recovered exhaust gas burned by spray gun to save energy and heat up the cracking reactor.



Inhale air into furnace to increase the combustion of the fuel.

  0.25 kw / h


It is placed for fuel like wood, coal and charcoal.




Deduster system

Desulfurization deduster

It can change the smoke and dust into purified gas.


Water film cyclone

It is the second deduster system. It can change the little smoke and dust into purified gas.


Draft fan

It can inhale the smoke and dust in the furnace into the deduster system.

   4 kw / h


The white smoke without pollution will release into the air from the chimney.


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