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Custom and Cheap Sulphur,Carbon Disulfide,Cotton Linters Pulp,Viscose Staple Fiber Supplier and Manufacturer.

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Brief Introduction
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Cotton Linter Pulp for sales 
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2014-11-25 13:06
Product Details

Quick Details

Material: Cotton Pulp Pulping Type: Chemical-Mechanical Pulp Pulp Style: Virgin
Bleaching: Bleached Place of Origin: Xinjiang China (Mainland) Brand Name: BAIJIN
Model Number: BJCP M200-I,M200-II,M400-I.M400-II,M650-I,M650-I,M1000 Brightness: above 80% Alpha cellulose: above 99%

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail: 40*60*80cm 60-70kg We also offer customized packing
Delivery Detail: within 30days after we received the LC or downpayment


Cotton linter pulp mainly producing Cellulose Ether (CMC\MC\HEC),
Types M200-I,X200-II,X400-I.X400-II,M650-I,M650-I,M1000

Cotton Linter Pulp for Acetate Cellulose& Nitrocellulose&CMC

Product: Cotton Linters Pulp
Brand: Baijin
Application: mainly producing Viscose(VSF/VFY), Cellulose Ether (CMC\MC\HEC), Cellulose
Ester (NC\AC)

Specification: degree of polymerization is from 500 to 2700.
Packing: in sheets or rolls. 


Product Introduction
Product VarietiesProduct Usage
For banknote paper and security paper seriesBanknote paper gradeUsed for production of banknote paper and various bond paper
Banknote paper grade wth high beating degree
Banknote paper grade with high strength and high whiteness

Various bond, security paper, grade

For cellulose derivatives seriesEther or ester grade with high whiteness and high viscosityUsed for production of cellulose ether &ester grade of CMC,HEC,HPC etc, nitrolacquer,nitro explosive and other chemical products.?
Ether or ester grade with ultra-high viscosity
Ether or ester grade with high viscosity and low dust content
Ether or ester grade with medium and low viscosity
Ether or ester grade with ultra-low viscosity
For industrial specialty paper seriesChemical analytical filter paper gradeUsed for production of various filter paper,industrial specialty paper,high-grade paper for life and other usage.
Electrical insulating paper grade
Industrial filter paper grade
Fine papermaking grade
For acetate fiber application

Used for production of various acetate fiber and cigarette-Filter Tows .

For viscose fibre applicationUsed for production of viscose filament yarn and staple fibre.
Refined cottonUsed for production of cellulose ether &ester grade of CMC,HEC,HPC etc, nitrolacquer,nitro explosive and other chemical products.
Absorbent cottonUsed for production of Clinical cladding material,family,beauty and make-up,and for production of cotton sliver,cotton swab,cotton ball, surgery pad,medical nonwovens and wiping cloth.


1.Specifications of All of Our Products


 Cotton Linter Pulp for sales


2.Our Advantages


   (1)Customized specifications requirements for your special needs,

   (2)Many types with Wide viscosity values:(Up to 2600DP),

   (3)Different forms match your different produce ways:sheet,roll,flock and powder,

   (4)The best quality with factory price,

   (5)Free samples is available,

   (6)Shorter shipping days after confirm your payment


3.about US---- Akesu Kinkiang Chemical Fibre Co.,Ltd


 Cotton Linter Pulp for sales

Akesu Kinkiang Chemical Fibre Co.,Ltd established in 2008, was a development project invested by Shanghai Baijin Group to fully exert its advantages in chemical market and customer resources as well as the abundant linter resource in Akesu region. Our company set up the factory production with the 1st phase project of 50000t/yr cotton pulp and 2nd phase project of 20000t/yr special cotton linter pulp.


The company is located in Akesu Textile Industrial Park, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. Taking Xinjiang’s overall palnning of 6 million spindles by 2020 as a great opportunity, the company exerts full efforts to carry out the “3321” chemical fibre industrial chain projects--100 000t/yr cotton pulp project, 100 000t/yr viscose, 100 000t/yr sulfuric acid, 20 000t/yr special cotton linter pulp, 30 000t/yr carbon disulfide, and a supporting thermal power plant. In the meanwhile, it has built up a delinting plant capable of treating seed cotton 600 tons per day. The company has invested the most advanced technological processes and the finest equipments in the construction of cotton pulp production line and formed a “cotton ginning - seed - delinting - linter -pulp”chain of resources to lay a solid foundation for the development of these projects and blaze a new trail for the Group’s sustainable growth.


4.Our Service


   (1)We will reply your inquiry in 24hours,

   (2)Any questions or needs about our products,please feel free to tell us,

   (3)If you can't find the products you need,please tell us the detail specfications you required.


 Cotton Linter Pulp for sales


Welcome to visit our factory, we are always here waiting for you!










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